How to deal with Criticism?

How to deal with Criticism?

How to deal with Criticism?

It’s all in the mind…but if you take it to your heart, criticism pinches hard. Yes, Criticism could be hurtful but if comes from a well wisher it is certainly meant for your well-being. When someone is criticized, there are two sides involved- The one who criticizes and the other who receives it. So basically, it is a battle of tongues and ears!!! Tongues will feel helpless and useless if ears do not respond. Yes, any emotion is powerless without our reactions. People might criticize for good but overly critical people could be a sign of frustration.

Ignore such people.

I heard a tale in my childhood days about the good and the bad wizards. The bad wizard cast a spell on the town so the people only gossiped and spoke ill of each other. The place turned worse than hell. Then the good wizard came and made the ears immune to negative talks. People could respond only to positivity and goodness. Soon all the negativity vanished and the people started living in harmony. But, it is not the case in our world. No wizard would fly in from the far away world to cast his magic spell. The wizard of goodness resides within us. And it’s our duty to evoke him.

How to deal with criticism/ critical people?

Is the criticism meant for your good?

That’s for you to judge. There is an instinct that guides us about right and wrong. And if the criticism leads to your improvement, accept it gracefully. This constructive criticism will motivate you to do better and prove yourself. It could be the stepping stone to your success. It will help you in your personal and professional life as well. But there is a flip side. If a person is always critical of you, it is more of their problem than yours. Such troublemakers are there to play with your piece of mind and hurt your self-esteem. This phenomenon is called destructive criticism and people doing it should not find a place in your life.

Take it positively

My boss is always critical of my work. I remain calm, learn from my mistakes and quickly go and rectify them. So the day he gives me a thumbs up, I know I’ve done an exceptional job. The result- I received two promotions in a year and my journey up the corporate ladder was a speedy one. Our company is known for the high standards of work we deliver. I took my seniors’ criticisms as suggestions for improvement and worked towards perfecting them. Everybody has flaws, never feel lowly about them, and just keep the scope of improvement open.

Be in charge of your emotions

Oversensitive people fall easy prey to critics. So if you are always crying and feel weak on being criticized, it’s time to gear up. Work on your reputation and learn to control your emotions. Flattery is taking us nowhere so learn to face consequences. Competition is healthy and you can be successful only if you learn to deal with it in good spirits.


Keep your critics close to your sleeve and smile away at false criticism. Bask in the usefulness of good advice and brush away negativity.  Life is short, so be thankful for every piece of advice that leads to the path of self-improvement and productivity.



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