Meet A Creative: Dominic Beyeler, An Illustrator

Meet A Creative: Dominic Beyeler, An Illustrator

What’s your name and where are you from?

My name is Dominic Beyeler from Bern in Switzerland.


How did you get started?

I started drawing people and portraits early in my free time during my apprenticeship as a graphic designer at a publicity agency. Now I am working as an independent Illustrator and during the last years I’ve tried different styles to find my own. On our vacation in Norway I was inspired drawing with watercolor and using dip ink and different feathers. I’ve drawn about 80 portraits during these four weeks of vacation and found my own style with the messy lines.

 By Dominic Beyeler By Dominic Beyeler


Who or what inspires you?

One of my sources of inspiration is the sktchy app where you find many interesting portraits to draw and where you can give and receive many feedbacks from other artists. But also my daily work inspires me to try new styles and work with all possible materials.


 How have you grown and developed as an artist or creative person?

During my school time I had the chance to visit an airbrush course and to create some illustration and logo designs and earn my first money from being creative. From this time on, I had the vision to be a graphic designer and illustrator and I worked on this dream. During the last years my goals have changed and I’m focused on illustration jobs and on my own art. As part of my creative outlet it is important for me to be creative in every part of my life and not just in my paid jobs.

By Dominic Beyeler By Dominic Beyeler

 What are some challenges you have faced? What advise would you give to someone facing similar challenges?

My challenge is being successful in my job to open new doors and reaching new customers every year. But also having enough free time to create my own art and finding new styles and ideas. Since I’m working as an independent illustrator for three years, this gives me the chance to choose the jobs I really want to do and to keep enough free time for my own.

Another challenge is finding my own style in drawing. I’m reading and collecting comics of all over the world and I’ve visited many comic conventions in different countries. This gives me new inspirations and interesting contacts to other artist.

By Dominic Beyeler

 What does your creative process look like?

Before I go to bed I often scroll trough the internet and some of my apps to find interesting faces to draw. The next day I decide which portrait I will draw, on what paper and in what colors.

Since I’m now more experienced, I try not to use some pencil sketches but to draw directly with ink and water color to be more free  and catch the face as I see it at the moment.

I’ve learned that all my portraits I like most, were created in my free time away from home. I like to draw during my holidays and during some weekend activities in the nature.



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