Meet A Creative: Jessica Kathleen Bazin, An Abstract Artist

Meet A Creative: Jessica Kathleen Bazin, An Abstract Artist

One of my favourite quotes

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Pablo Picasso 

What’s your name and where are you from?

Hi there! My name is Jessica Kathleen Bazin and I’m an artist that lives in Sherwood Park. 

How did you get started?

I think I’ve always been an artist, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing or painting. In grade 3 I told my teacher I was going to be an artist and in grade 4 I had my first commission to draw a classmate… And I forgot to give her eyebrows. My portrait career was very short. I wish I knew then that abstract art is what I was meant to do. It makes me so calm and present nothing else can compare. 

I’m currently an abstract mixed media artist. I use anything I can get my hands on for my paintings on paper which is mostly: watercolours, acrylics, inks, gold leaf, pastels  and glitter to name the main mediums. And for my canvas pieces I use acrylic and inks.
I slowly over time incorporated abstract elements into my paintings or drawings and 3 years ago I turned away from painting plants and flowers (which was my main focus for a long time) and strictly focused on abstract.

   My dreamy abstract paintings gave me so much life. I started painting more and more and now I rarely go a day without painting. They are my own little snapshot of my daily emotions. My little windows into my soul. 

Who or What Inspires you?

I’m inspired by basically everything, I collect poetry and I love looking at art on Instagram and galleries.  painting is such a big part of my life I currently don’t need all that much motivation to paint I just have a need to do it. 


How have you grown and developed as an artist or creative person?

I have definitely grown as an artist for the past 3 years I started with making circular cilestial looking paintings and now I feel more comfortable being more raw and emotional. I am defiantly having a lot more fun the more I let go into my art.


  What are some challenges you have faced and what advise would you give?

I’ve been trying to put my paintings out there for the past 2 years and I find there isn’t all that much love for abstract. If someone likes it they really like it and I have received a lot of negativity and indifference which really hurts as an emotional painter. I live my life and my paintings reflect my journey so it really got under my skin at first but now I just brush it off. Not everyone will be into what you do and that’s ok if it makes you happy. Never change to become more “sellable” if it risks diminishing the love you have for painting. 

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