Meet a Creative: Joanne Knowles a Talanted Artist

Meet a Creative: Joanne Knowles a Talanted Artist


My name is Joanne Knowles and I live in a lovely coastal village called Southport which is in the north west of the United Kingdom.

I love to draw the human form, anything from life drawing to portraits. It’s something that I have always loved to do and enjoy immensely.

I have only just got back into my art after many years of work and watching my kids grow. I came to a cross roads in my life and knew it was now or never. Just wish I had done it sooner.

 I had always promised myself that I would do just that, the right time came and I just went for it. I guess I’m more a traditional and realistic artist drawing people from life and find every day life and my surroundings and of course my kids inspire me. At the moment I’m still trying to discover my exact style and technique. I find myself discovering my strengths and weaknesses and notice my progress on a daily basis. I’m getting better and improving my style as I am going along. Something that excites and drives me forward.

Many artist inspire me but Freud would have to be my favourite and my main aim would just be to be able to spend as much of my time drawing. Something that I love but also find very relaxing. I love the challenge and the next project. It never bores me.

I try to draw on a daily basis and always make sure I find the time to be creative.

I am a single parent and I work part-time so it’s not always that easy to fit it all in. But I do and enjoy the challenge and I find it very relaxing. I love to channel all my creative energy into my work. It’s something that I find extremely important in my life for both my mental and emotional wellbeing.

My favourite quotes

What will be, will be!

All things happen for a reason.



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