Meet A Creative: Lisha Simpson A Body Artist

Meet A Creative: Lisha Simpson A Body Artist

My name is Alisha but I prefer Lisha Simpson and I’m from Canberra. I am mum of 2 boys, Cooper and Oliver.

I’m Passionate all types of body painting but i focus more on illusion/3d style painting.

I use professional face/body paints by TAG, Mehron and Wolfe. To those I’m close to, it has always been well known that I LOVE art and anything art related. So a friend asked me one day to face paint at a work Christmas party. I fell in love with it. From there she helped me find a beginners face painting course and from there was offered a job.  I’ve been face painting for a year now and body painting for roughly 9 months. My style, I guess is “illusion”. Id probably describe it as out of the ordinary. And I think that’s why I love it. Im drawn to anything different or unusual.

Life inspires me.

Anything from a dream, to a small idea that ends up growing as i paint. Bright colours and music inspire some of my paintings. Im motivated by my love of art. I find that if I don’t paint I suffer withdrawals. I just have to paint. It soothes me. I’m totally addicted and I have to paint every day.  After being introduced to body painting, I came across “Illusion body painting” online and it blew me away. I had never seen anything like it. I then decided to try it for myself and I loved it. It’s amazing to me that black paint, the perfect lighting and a background to match can create something totally out of this world.
I aim to create larger illusions out of the whole body and I would love to, some day, paint at the Australian body art awards. Life gets busy with 2 young boys, but I find the time to paint while they take naps during the day. I also encourage my eldest to paint with me, as he loves it!
I’ve worked out the perfect balance between family, social and creative life. I think my creativity applies to my home as well. Things need to be placed in a certain way to make them look appealing and things need to be colour coordinated!
Art is one of my biggest passions in life and always has been. Whether I’m in the presence of great art, or I’m painting myself, it soothes me. I’ve always felt “different” or “out of place” and my art is my way of expressing that.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time” -­ Thomas Merton.


You can see more of Lisha’s amazing Art work Here

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