Meet A Creative: Reham Moniem Ali, where Architecture, Ink and Watercolor Merge

Meet A Creative: Reham Moniem Ali, where Architecture, Ink and Watercolor Merge

Favourite Quote:

I am still learning. Michelangelo


What’s your name and where are you from?

My name is Reham Moniem Ali ,I’m from Egypt


How did you get started?

I think I’ve been always drawing since childhood like most of us. Then I went to collage of fine arts and studied interior architecture. Currently I’m an interior architecture professor. I used to work as an interior designer for more than 12 years but recently (for more than 3 years) I ’m focusing on just teaching so that gave me time to go back to drawing and sketching.

It’s hard for me to tell when I started art because I did that all my life but I stopped for more than 6 years!!!! Then I got back again on February 22th 2015. I still remember this time very well because on this day I gripped a pen and I found that I couldn’t draw a thing. 

I was scared that I took my talent for granted so many years so I decided to buy a sketchbook and go back to drawing again. I just sketch anything everyday. I needed to be spontaneous and bold to develop my own style which I still work on every single day.

Let me say at last I’m doing something I really love and enjoy in my free time. I consider sketching as my free zone.


A street in Pera
al madrasa al amirea


What materials and mediums do you use?

I used many materials especially acrylic and gouache but recently I mainly use watercolour and ink. It suites my style and the themes I love, which are basically landscape, urban sketching and still life sketching.


What inspires you?

My architectural background affected me of course. That’s why I love to do a lot of urban sketches in every place I go especially old buildings, which I consider my favourite topic. I also love to look at other artists work especially water colorist 

 I consider myself very lucky to have a lot of people around me so supportive and enthusiastic my colleagues ,family and my students of course they are my main audience. As I said before art is my free zone so I hope I’ll be able to keep doing it.


Elite coffee shop Alexandria
Train Station Alexandria


 What are some challenges you have faced? What advise would you give to someone facing similar challenges?

My biggest challenge is finding my own style. The world is full of urban sketchers and it’s very hard to be unique. One of my dreams if to write a book about sketching architecture in another point of view so I’m working on this subject by both reading and practicing art


Rain on old narrow streets Alexandria


What does your creative process look like (if you have one)?

That depends on the medium I use. I usually starts with ink to draw a quick (unfinished )outlines then start watercolour. I love wet on wet splashy style. I’m trying to make my work loose but detailed at the same time


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