Meet A Creative: Wendy Mulder A Wood Burner

Meet A Creative: Wendy Mulder A Wood Burner

My name is Wendy Mulder. I live in the Netherlands with my hub Mark and two beautiful daughters.

I make wood burnings, paintings with fire on wood.

Not literally of course…I’ve been doing this for about ten years now. My artistic style is realistic. Mostly I make portraits of people and animals. I love funny compositions, like part of a face, some feet in ballet shoes, a piece of a car, or a tiger peeking through a window. That kind of  pictures inspire me to do what I do. I’m a huge fan of Minisa Robinson! One of the best pyro artists in the world!

My motivation is to get better every time again.

Often im satisfied with the results, but I think I always can do better and I’m getting better every time! My goal for the future is to own my own tattoo studio. I wanna make portraits on human skin, make people happy with my artwork! I don’t mind criticism or feedback because I can only learn from it!


My favorite quote:

You’re never to old to learn!




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