Meet a Creative: Zainab Choudhery an Avid Doodler and a Mental Health Enthusiast

Meet a Creative: Zainab Choudhery an Avid Doodler and a Mental Health Enthusiast

Tell us your name and what you love to do

Hi there, my name is Zainab Choudhery and I’m the creative hand behind Radiant Art Designz (RAD) rooted in Mississauga, Ontario, although I love travelling. During the day, I am a Child and Youth Care practitioner in training, a teacher in the evening, and a doodler in any spare time in between.

My artwork mainly consists of variations of adult colouring books which have gained a lot of popularity in the past year.  Adult colouring books are similar to children’s colouring books, with the exception of elaborate patterns that require attention to detail and developed fine motor skills. These books have been linked to therapeutic benefits, such as reducing anxiety and stress as they allow the individual to disassociate from their mental stressors, similar to meditation, and an opportunity to connect with their inner child. RAD products take a spin on the books by implementing the intricate designs in abstract art, greeting cards, and the most exciting vision of all, adult colouring decal designs.

 I’ve always enjoyed doodling, so the concept of adult colouring books allows me the perfect medium to explore the creation of various designs, and as a psychology student, the mental health benefits make it all the more alluring.  


How did you get started?

I began my journey with RAD nearly seven months ago on Instagram (@Radiant.Art.Designz) and Facebook (RadiantArtDesignz) after gaining motivation from other mediums, specifically henna and mandala pieces, and the delicacy and intricacy of the textured and decorated ceilings in historical buildings.  In the past, most of my art has served its end goal as a personal gift for others, but with a website underway, I hope to make my products publically available in the near future.

What are your goals for RAD?

I would like to see my art manifest into the community through adult colouring greeting cards for various occasions, especially for religious holidays as those are hard to come by.  I would also like to see my designs printed across disposable table cloths in a cafe where the environment would complement the art and promote mental healing for the individual as they colour away and enjoy their meal.  In the future, I would like to transition into designing adult colouring decals that could be coloured, peeled, and used to decorate any device. 

How do you deal with criticism?

So far in my journey, I’ve received a lot of constructive criticism, which has allowed me to internalize that negative feedback isn’t always a bad thing.  I always evaluate my relationship with the individual who provides the negative feedback, and accordingly either tell them “good for you, not for me” (from Amy Poehler’s book, Yes Please) or I restructure it to become constructive criticism.  In such cases, I remind myself that their perception could be that of many others and I need to absorb, reflect, change, and then move forward.  Speaking of Amy Poehler’s book, I’m a sucker for motivational or inspirational quotes.  One that I repeat to myself on a daily basis is my own and somewhat of a prayer,

“I have a lot of hope, but a little bit more faith”.  I have a lot of hope for Radiant Art Designz, but a little bit more faith that what the journey holds will be greater than the end goal.


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