Picasso’s Master Piece: Girl with Mandolin

Picasso’s Master Piece: Girl with Mandolin

Girl with Mandolin, 1910 by Pablo Picasso Girl with Mandolin, 1910 by Pablo Picasso

Movement: Cubist Modernism
Theme: Analytic Cubism
Technique: Oil on Canvas


This 1910 painting by Pablo Picasso, titled ‘Girl with a Mandolin”, is an oil painting on canvas. Its one of the early examples of an Analytical Cubist painting. The painting is of a nude girl holding a mandolin. It was broken down into cubes, rectangles, and other geometric shapes that show different parts of her body from multiple points of view simultaneously on one painting, which are all characteristics of Analytical Cubism. We can see her upper body and her head is turned to the models left side. It seems as though she is looking slightly downward at her mandolin, which allows us to see the profile of her face. At the same time it looks as though her face is directly towards us. She is either playing or holding the mandolin across the front of her body.

Picasso uses an almost monochromatic colour palette that are shades of light brown, tan, yellow, and olive green. He painted the background behind the girl with a random patterns of geometric shapes forming unrecognizable imagery. The background was painted in a similar shapes as the subject but it’s unclear what shapes and forms are in the background.

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